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1) What services does S&S offer?

We offer a variety of babysitting service including occasional sits for a day or night out, school pick ups/drop offs, regular scheduled weekly sits, family share, overnight care and childcare during corporate functions, weddings, parties and other events. 

2) Is There a Process for Sitters to be Hired?

Each sitter must go through a rigorous four step vetting process:

  • A comprehensive background criminal check is completed during the employment application process

  • Personal and Professional References are checked

  • First Aid qualifications must be provided by and verified through the American Red Cross

  • Each sitter must be an experienced driver with a valid driver’s license and insurance

3) What Are The Cancellation Policies?

All confirmed sit appointments must be submitted online through the S&S website. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a $25 fee to be paid to S&S. Cancellations with no notice or online submission will incur a fee equal to the total cost of the sit. 

4) Is there a required minimum number of hours per Sit?
Yes, the minimum number of hours our sitters are booked for is 3 hours.
Please note: If you return early from your event, your sitter must be compensated for the full amount of hours of confirmed appointment.

5) Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we use a special pricing scale with our block pricing for families needing continuous care, multiple days a week. We also, offer occasional sales, we encourage members to stay tuned to their emails and our social media accounts.

6) What method of payments do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment including Mastercard, Visa, American Express,Venmo and Zelle. All other payment types would need to be approved by the office 36 hours prior to your scheduled sit.

7) Does S&S cater to children with special needs?
Yes! Please contact the office with regard to your unique situation.

8) Are your sitters vaccinated?
Prior to securing our sitters for employment, we strongly suggest that they are fully vaccinated. Since vaccination is a deeply personal choice, it is not mandatory for employment. As such, our sitters freely share their vaccination status in their personal profiles. 

9) Does your agency offer event babysitting?
Yes we would love to help chaperone your parties and events, please contact the office with the requests, requirements and details of your event.

10) What are the age requirements for children?

We care for children from 6 weeks and older. 

11) Do you offer housekeeping services?

No, our sitters are happy to focus on caring solely for your child, housekeeping and personal errand running are not included in our services. 

12) I have a pet, can you sit at my house?

Yes! Each sitters' profiles will indicate any allergies that would prohibit them from being able to accommodate your family. 

13) How quickly can I gain access to your site, services and sitters?

Once you complete our S&S Member Registration Form, purchase one of our two pricing plans, you will have full access to our site including the ability to browse sitters and book sitters.

14) Does your company offer refunds?

Yes, in the event you find S&S isn't a good fit for your family, you can request a refund and cancel your membership within 30 days of becoming a member. 

15) Does your company offer overnight babysitting services? 

Yes! Please contact our office for more details.

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